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Meyerdirk Art


We've heard from so many customers who we never would have met because they're in a completely different part of the country from where we do art festivals. We're excited to have found OAF so early on!


Dugout Creek Designs


I was fortunate enough to be a pilot Vendor on OAF.  This platform has evolved so fast! I'm excited to see it just keep growing like this.

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Juried Marketplace

We review each and every new vendor to ensure they meet our criteria to exhibit.  We jury by the same standards as most juried art events.  We look at quality, creativity. originality and product display.

Flat Selling Fee

Always know exactly what a sale costs.  We don't have listing fees, convenience fees, ad fees, transfer fees, membership fees or any other hidden costs.

We charge one flat commission on each sale, and you keep the rest.

Commissions range from 4-15%.

Launch Week

Personal Launch Week

We give each new Artist their very own Launch Week Ad Campaign.  As you build out your catalog, we'll contact you to learn more about you and your business.  We'll build out a campaign that may include:

  • Search Engine Ads
  • Social Media Posts & Ads
  • Billboards
  • Video Promotion
  • and more ...

Connect with other promoters and other artists

Show Calendar

Browse our national show calendar with reviews from fellow artists and the buyer community

We list the nation's highest quality art festivals and fine craft fairs, but with a unique twist.  We show you reviews from both fellow artists, and the buyer community, and we show these reviews for both Promoter and each individual event.

Vendor Blog

Stay up to date with news and tips

All Artists & Vendors are registered for our Vendor-Only Blog Updates.  We'll share information about site upgrades, tips to increase your sales and more.

Promoter Connections

Connect directly with show Promoters

By creating a system that allows Artists and Promoters to engage directly, and review each other's performance, we have created a new level of safety for artists and promoters alike.  Additionally, artists and promoters can communicate directly on-site to ensure open and effective communication for everyone.

Artist Classifieds

Search the private Artist Classifieds

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place to buy, sell and trade all the "stuff" needed to run a successful art business? Now there is!  Our Artist-Only Classifieds section has everything from tents and display walls to cargo trailers to entire studio businesses for sale by retiring artists.

Reviews all around

Review Customers and Events

Our Reviews system lets your customers rave about you, your products, and the events where they see you live.  You can weigh in on things too - review the last event you attended, or let other artists know how fun it was to work with your new favorite customer.