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Each new applicant's art is reviewed be sure they display or market their own work. We also consider quality, creativity and originality in addition with how well the work is presented.

Flat Selling Fee

One flat selling fee across all your listings.

Commission rates as low as 4% for Artists who participate in our co-op marketing programs.  New Artists start at 15% flat-rate.

A Community of Peers

When you sell your art with Online Art Festival, not only will it be easier than ever to sell your art, but also get access to a whole new community of people who love creativity as much as you do.


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We'll review your application within 2 weeks to be sure you meet our requirements to sell.  In the meantime, you can work through the setup process.


Build Your Profile!

As soon as you confirm your account, you can begin setting up your profile and settings.  Build out a profile to let customers know about you and your work.  Set up your payments account, policies and image galleries to start strong.


Upload your catalog!

Start adding products one-by-one right away, or contact us if you need help uploading a data file with all your items.

What can I sell?


Coin Art

Do you use coins in your art?
Do you cut, paint, combine or manipulate coin currency?
Whether you cut coins, paint them, make them into jewelry, use them as a furniture embellishment or create a complete sculpture, we want to help you exhibit and sell your coin art.

All Number Plaque Examples

Custom Signs & Plaques

If you create custom signs, house humbers or plaques, Online Art Festival can help you reach new customers.

Navy Blue Albrea Embrace Luxury Throw

Fiber, Fabric, & Custom Clothing

If you're a fiber, fabric or custom clothing artist, Online Art Festival has a marketplace designed for you.  Sell your fiber art, fabric designs or custom clothing.

Peacock Teardrop Dangles - Large By Icha Cantero Handmade Jewelry


If you're a jewelry artist looking for an online boutique to sell your earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, and all other jewelry we have a virtual booth for you in our online marketplace.


Metal Decor

Customers are buying metal decor, and you're an artist who wants to sell metal decor.  Our artist marketplace is the perfect place for art buyers to meet artists who sell metal decor.

appaloosa horse

Drawing, Paintings, & Sketches

Whether you offer original paintings, or you offer your designs as prints on gallery wraps, note cards, and other accessories - Online Art Festival offers a unique platform targeted directly to buyers who love art.

Purple Haze by Charles Santora Photography


If you're a photographer who exhibits at art festivals and wants to sell your photography online, you've come to the right place.  Our unique artist marketplace is designed to connect photography buyers with artists like you.

Rose Adorned Vase by Neena Plant Pottery

Pottery & Ceramics

Are you looing for a virtual art festival where you can sell your hand-made pottery?  Our juried artist marketplace connects artists with art buyers to help you sell more.

Fire Pit By Fusion of Iron and Earth


W know that a professional sculptor's one-of-a-kind artwork can make selling online difficult.  We make selling sculptures online easy with pre-planned vacation mode so you only sell what you have.

FAQ - Selling Art with Online Art Festival

Profiles are always free.  If you choose to be a marketplace Vendor, we charge a flat percentage of sales.  All new Artists start at 15%, but by helping build our community, rates can get as low as 4% of sales.

When you add a new product, you can choose from calculate shipping rates, flat-rate shipping, or free shipping. 

Then, you ship your art directly to your new customer, using the methods you know work best for your products.

Your inventory automatically updates each time you make a sale with OAF.  If you need to integrate your inventory with a third party (Square, etc) those integrations will be available soon - we're still building out this functionality.