For Artists

Market your art at the level you choose

We handle the business side so you can focus on your art!

Market your art at the level you choose, from a private storefront to complete wholesale and distribution partnerships

Whether you want to add just enough products to have a booth presence, you're in this to build a large and successful art distribution business, or you just want access to all artist resources without a booth-front at all, we have the tools you need to succeed on your own terms. 

For those looking to grow their busines: as you find success with sales on OAF we have an exciting program you may be invited into. In our Phase 2 Marketing, your Personal Marketing Coordinator will work with interested artists to prepare products for our art distribution program.  We start with wholesale access to a few small galleries and stores looking for new wholesale vendors, then slowly scale up (if the artist chooses) to a wide network of wholesale accounts and access to our largest buyers including Amazon, Wayfair, The 7055 Store, Walmart, Overstock and more.

Sell your Art!


Virtual Booth

Create a virtual booth-front to interact with customers and fans.

OAF offers all of the tools you need to engage with your customers and patrons in this new and ever-changing world.  From video chat to in-house ticket support systems, your conversations can be just as engaging as what you're used to in-person.

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List your art for sale

Our traditional marketplace allows all member Artists the opportunity to list products for sale in a safe and secure environment.  Because all Vendors and Artists go through the same jury process you expect at quality art festivals, you won't find the buy/sell and imports that are often found on other "handmade" online marketplaces. You will however find the complimentary art festival products and experiences your customers love, such as local wines, handmade chocolates & nuts and local independent musicians


Sell Custom Work

Facilitate custom work through our Private Products, or take offline - your choice!

Some hand-made platforms like to pretend they own your business.  They dictate how you can sell to your customers and where you're allowed to communicate.  We're different.  We know that our role is to facilitate a sale, not claim it as our own.  If you have a customer who needs some attention, we encourage you to take the conversation off-platform and keep it personal.  Call the customer. Stop by their home to see where they'd like the custom sculpture to be placed.  Be an artist in the way that works for you and for your customer. Want to come back to our secure system to complete the transaction? No problem - just use our private products to create a custom item link for the buyer. Want to keep it offline? That's fine too - we just ask that you come back and leave some reviews for everyone involved in your unique project so our community can keep growing and thriving safely!

Connect with other promoters and other artists

Show Calendar

Browse our national show calendar with reviews from fellow artists and the buyer community

We list the nation's highest quality art festivals and fine craft fairs, but with a unique twist.  We show you reviews from both fellow artists, and the buyer community, and we show these reviews for both Promoter and each individual event.

Message Boards

Connect with our private Artist message boards

Our message boards cover a range of topics from fellow artists and Vendors.  All registered Vendors have complete access to our Vendor-only message board system.

Promoter Connections

Connect directly with show Promoters

By creating a system that allows Artists and Promoters to engage directly, and review each other's performance, we have created a new level of safety for artists and promoters alike.  Additionally, artists and promoters can communicate directly on-site to ensure open and effective communication for everyone.

Artist Classifieds

Search the private Artist Classifieds

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place to buy, sell and trade all the "stuff" needed to run a successful art business? Now there is!  Our Artist-Only Classifieds section has everything from tents and display walls to cargo trailers to entire studio businesses for sale by retiring artists.

Connect with other promoters and other artists

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Let your fans share their raves and reviews with the art festival community

You know how much your customers and patrons love your art, but does everyone else know yet?  Do those customers who aren't quite sold have access to your biggest fans to push them into a sale?  They do now!  We encourage all artists to send your customers over to OAF to leave a 5-star review on your profile, and if possible, on the piece(s) they have purchased from you.  Encourage them to tell the world about the role your art has played in their lives so everyone can share in these wonderful stories.


Tell your customers and fans when you will be back in their area with artist/event cross-tagging.

Are you attending an event that's listed on our event calendar?  Tag the event on your profile to create a dynamic calendar of upcoming and past festivals that you attend.  Likewise, promoters can tag artists and vendors to create a dynamic attendee list for each event

Art Festival News

Artists make up a unique community of individuals who do best when we all work and thrive together.  OAF provides you with relevant news and content to keep you up to date with the latest events, regulatory changes and more so you can spend more time focusing on your art!

Connect with other promoters and other artists

Personalized Setup with an Onboarding Specialist

From the moment you're application is approved by the OAF Jury committee, you'll be working with a Personal Onboarding specialist.  This person will help to build the relationship between our businesses and will generally be available during normal business hours to help you through every step of the onboarding process.  Our only goal during onboarding is to prepare you to succeed on OAF!

Our Onboarding Specialist will help you list your products in a way that helps you gain maximum exposure across our site and the internet. They'll help you create an engaging profile, set up best practices for your shipping, refund and other policies, walk you through the platform and more.  This person is your personal point of contact at OAF throughout the entire journey - think of them as the traditional Block Captain at in-person festivals.

Personal Marketing Coordinator

Once your booth is setup and your products are ready to sell, your Onboarding Specialist will introduce you to your Personal Marketing Coordinator.  Together, you'll plan your custom Launch Week.  As launch week arrives and unfolds, your PMC will be in daily contact with you get maximum exposure to our ever growing audience of art lovers and art festival goers, as well as your own existing customer base.

Custom Marketing Plan for your dedicated Launch Week Marketing Campaign

Prior to your scheduled Launch Week, your PMC will work with you to customize your launch plan.  We'll start with a pretty basic social media campaign and work with you to specifically target your unique customer base and others in that group who just haven't discovered you yet!  Each day of the campaign, your PMC will send you a brief of the day's marketing plans and a reminder on your engagement tasks for the day as well as all personalized marketing collateral being used that day.  At the conclusion of your Launch Week, they'll review the metrics of the campaign and make some recommendations for continued growth.

What does it cost?

Right now we are offering most OAF services complimentary to the art festival community.  Artists who choose to utilize the marketplace will have a 15% flat commission to support the continued growth of the platform.  We also offer discounted commission opportunities to Vendors who help us continue to grow.  Contact us for more information. In the future we will offer more sponsorship and membership options for those who are interested in continuing to grow.