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Dropship Vendor Terms

The following terms & rules apply to any product marked as available for dropship, as well as that product’s Vendor.


Pricing Structure:

  • Dropship price must be at or lower than sale prices
  • Dropship prices should include all product packaging and handling fees
  • Vendor is responsible for knowing production costs and required profit margins to remain successful



  • Product should be standardized enough to allow multiple nearly identical pieces.



  • Orders are expected to be sent within the specified time frame
  • If unable to fulfill the orders within the standard time, Vendor must notify OAF support prior to scheduled ship date.



  • Dropship customers may return items without cause for up to 30 days, regardless of stated return policy.  OAF may, at our own discretion, extend this window for exceptional cases, or to comply with partner site exceptions.
  • Returned products must be sufficiently packaged so they can withstand return shipping.
  • Return insurance is the responsibility of the customer.
  • If a product is received damaged, late, or in other violation of returns policies, Vendor must complete the Return Refund Dispute Form within 5 business days, so we can work out a solution with the customer.  Failure to complete the form within 5 business days (and follow instructions provided) will void the dispute claim.
  • Customer refund will be issued 5 days after return if no Vendor Dispute has been filed.

Marketplaces & Partner Sites:

  • OAF is authorized to act with full distribution rights for any product marked for dropship.  We use a variety of marketplaces & partner sites, such as Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Ebay and others to market your product.
  • OAF Dropship Partners receive licensed distribution rights to certain marketplaces and partner sites.  These partners must adhere to certain standards in order to represent your products. If you believe your products have been misrepresented, please contact VendorSupport@OnlineArtFestival.com.


Wholesale Distribution:

  • OAF works with a variety of galleries, boutiques, independent stores, and chain retailers to help you connect to new customers and markets.  OAF currently treats these customers as bulk dropship customers.
  • Vendors may bulk-pack as they see fit when multiple items are being sent to one location.