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The Dropship Network Connects Artists and Wholesale Buyers.

For Galleries & Boutique Stores

For Dropship Marketers

For Independent Resellers

For Affiliate Marketers

If approved, you'll be able to casually browse the site and build collections that work for you.  No minimum orders.  Order to your store or gallery, or have products sent directly to your customers.

Use our easy catalog feeds and inventory downloads to keep your dropship network in sync.  Coming Soon: Direct API integration for live-time product and inventory updates.

We make it easy to stock a few items, but sell a full catalog.  Consider ordering a sampling of products, then presenting your customers with a full digital selection to support your samples.

We have a seperate Affiliate program!  Click below to head over to the Affiliate section.

Applicants are thoroughly screened for eligibility.  It's important that our Dropship Network Partners understand the dynamic of working with artists and small businesses.  Be sure to let your brand's personality show through on your application! If we need additional information, we may follow up.

Please list any storefronts, websites and third-party marketplaces. This disclosure is a requirement of the Dropship Network partner Terms.
What is your niche? How long have you been in business? What's your story? We'll use this information while assessing your eligibility to join as a Network Partner.
If so, tell us about it. Your experience will be considered while assessing your application.
If we need to submit tax forms, we'll use this.