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Maximize Exposure with Unlimited Free Event Listings

Our platform recognizes the diverse needs of event promoters like you, whether you're orchestrating a singular, yearly event or a season-long series of dynamic festivals. To amplify your reach and impact, we are happy to offer 100% complimentary event listings, a service designed to elevate your event's presence in the digital realm.

Enhanced Visibility: Once your event is actively listed, it gains immediate exposure. Our platform is not just a listing space; it's a launchpad that propels your event into the spotlight.

Artist Engagement: Artists can tag your event in their profiles, creating a buzz within their networks. This feature not only increases your event's visibility but also adds credibility, as artists themselves become advocates for your event.

Buyer Reviews: Encourage and collect feedback from attendees. Reviews are a powerful tool, offering potential attendees genuine insights into the experiences your event offers. Positive reviews can significantly boost your event's reputation and appeal.

Broad Web Distribution: We don't stop at listing your event; we actively promote our entire event calendar across the web. Our digital marketing strategies ensure that your event gains traction on various online platforms, reaching a wider, more diverse audience.

Real-Time Updates: Keep your audience informed with the latest information about your event. Our platform allows for real-time updates, ensuring that potential attendees always have access to the most current details.

Elevate Your Event with a Complimentary Business Profile

Our platform offers you a complimentary business profile, a tool designed not just to showcase your event but to elevate your brand in the bustling event marketplace. Think of this profile as more than just a business card; it's a comprehensive showcase of your unique vision and expertise in crafting memorable events.

  • Brand Storytelling: Utilize this space to share your journey, ethos, and what sets your events apart. This narrative helps build a connection with your audience, giving them a glimpse into the passion and dedication that goes into every event you promote.
  • Event Promotion: Effortlessly list and update your upcoming events. Our intuitive interface ensures that all the critical information about your events is accessible and engaging, drawing in both artists and buyers.
  • Artist Recruitment: Your profile is not just a magnet for attendees but also a platform for attracting talent. Artists seeking opportunities can discover and connect with you directly, simplifying the process of building an impressive lineup for your events.
  • Visual Appeal: Add a touch of personality with customizable design options. Upload high-resolution images, videos, and graphics that reflect the essence of your events, creating a visually captivating profile that stands out.
Promoter Profile Page
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Unlock Revenue Potential: Revenue Sharing for Promoters

In the realm of event promotion, your influence extends far beyond the boundaries of creating memorable experiences. We recognize this, so our platform offers an exciting opportunity for you to monetize your network and influence through our Revenue Sharing Program. This initiative is designed not just as a reward, but as a partnership, where your community contributions are valued.

Referral Bonus System: As a registered promoter on our platform, you will be assigned a unique referral ID link. This tool is your gateway to earning additional revenue. When you use this link to refer artists who then create a catalog, you become eligible for a referral fee.

Commission Sharing: The benefits don’t stop at referrals. For every transaction that occurs as a result of your referral, you will receive a commission. This ongoing commission structure ensures that you are always compensated for traffic that you send our way.

Eligibility and Accessibility: This feature is readily available to all promoters with at least one active event on our platform. We believe that every promoter, regardless of the size or frequency of their events, should have the opportunity to benefit from this opportunity.

Transparent Tracking: Keep track of your referrals and earnings with ease. Our platform provides a transparent and detailed view of your referral activities, including successful referrals and accrued earnings.

By participating in our Revenue Sharing Program, you're not just earning additional income by doing what you do anyway; you're playing a pivotal role in growing a vibrant community of artists and buyers. We believe in the power of collaboration and shared success. Let's work together to create a thriving ecosystem where your influence translates into tangible rewards.

Leverage the Power of Reviews & Ratings

In the often-chaotic world of event promotion, the voices of your participants – artists and buyers alike – are incredibly powerful. Understanding this, our platform is dedicated to helping you harness these perspectives through our Reviews & Ratings system. This feature is not just about gathering feedback; it's about building trust, ensuring quality, and enhancing your event's reputation.

Comprehensive Feedback Collection: We facilitate the collection of reviews from both the artist and buyer communities. This dual-source feedback provides a well-rounded view of your event, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement from diverse perspectives.

Safety and Enjoyment: The insights gained from these reviews are instrumental in ensuring that your events are not only enjoyable but also safe and welcoming for all participants. This commitment to excellence is what sets your events apart in a crowded marketplace.

Promotional Tool: The power of positive reviews is undeniable in the realm of promotion. We encourage you to utilize these reviews in your marketing efforts. Displaying real, positive experiences from your event attendees can significantly boost your event's appeal and credibility.

Building Your Reputation: Each review contributes to your overall rating, a metric that potential artists and buyers often consider when making decisions. A high rating can be a decisive factor in attracting top talent and a larger audience.

Transparency and Trust: Our platform ensures that the review process is transparent and fair, fostering a sense of trust and reliability among users. This transparency not only benefits those looking to attend your events but also enhances your reputation as a trustworthy promoter.

By leveraging the Reviews & Ratings feature on our platform, you're not just collecting feedback; you're actively engaging with your community, building a solid reputation, and using real-world testimonials to propel your promotional efforts. Embrace this opportunity to shine a spotlight on the positive experiences your events create, and watch as it transforms the way potential artists and buyers perceive your brand.

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