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Do you love art, art festivals, and meeting the creators behind the unique treasures you find?  Take a moment to view our local art festival event listings or shop unique handmade treasures from artists and makers from around the USA.

Are you a promoter?

As a festival promoter, you've got a few core responsibilities.  Bring together great Artists, bring in customers to support those Artists, and build a community around your event.  Online Art Festival has a suite of tools to help you succeed.  We can help you meet & recruit new artists, build your community support and increase shoppers to help your artists succeed.  Start withy our free listing today.

Are you an artist?

Are you an artists who's looking  for a way to sell more online or at in-person art festivals? We've got a suite of tools to help you succeed.  New Artists who complete their profile and catalog get access to a personalized marketing launch week.  Check our listing of events for new art festivals. Interact with your current and future customers through our on-site messaging system.  We'll help you sell more art.