Arcs Metal Decor Set by Meyerdirk Art




If you are looking for a versatile wall installation, this two-piece metalwork is what you need!
Featuring two black grid arcs with three circles each, it affords you an installation that you can play around with. Mount it in a tight circle, extended S-shape, and more! You can also use the set as borders to a piece de resistance.
And available in 11 color variants, you’re sure to find one to match the interiors of your space. Get one or more today!

  • Dimensions: 17.25 inches x 40.75 inches per Arc
  • Colors: candy blue, candy green, candy orange, candy purple, candy raspberry, candy red, candy teal, candy yellow, distressed copper, polished silver, teal splash
  • Set of 2 Arcs

Additional information

Weight 14.2 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 48 × 4 in

teal-splash, candy-raspberry, candy-red, candy-teal, candy-green, candy-purple, candy-blue, distressed-copper, candy-yellow, polished-copper, polished-silver, candy-orange


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