1Before you start...
2Basic Information
3Jury Questionnaire and Media Upload
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You'll need the following information to complete the Jury Questionnaire. We recommend gathering this information before proceeding.

  • An open text statement that tells us about you as an artist. You might include Artist Bio, Artist Biography, a story about your techniques, inspirations or how you got started.
  • 3-5 images or videos showing your finished work. This might include jury photos or quick videos with a mobile device, as examples
  • 3-5 images or videos of your works in progress. These should show you working and demonstrate technique or components.
  • 3-5 images or videos showing your product displayed in a public forum, such as galleries, stores, art festivals, or other marketplaces.

Why do we ask for this?

At OAF we jury each Artist and Vendor to ensure that everything in our marketplace is handcrafted by the exhibiting artist. You and your team MUST make the items you sell here. We may also use some of your images in our marketing, so we can help more people see your work.