Affiliate & Referral Program

Do you love our products? Want to make a few bucks while spreading the love? Join our affiliate program! For every new customer you refer to us, you'll have an opprtunity to earn a portion of their purchase price in commission. It's a great way to get site credit for your favorite products, and there's no limit to how much you can earn.

We offer a professional affiliate program, recruitment bonuses for artist, vendors and promoters, and even site credit for customers who want to rave about us to friends & family.

Check out the options below to find out how you can make money, just by showing love to independent artists and creators.


For Professional Affiliates

  • Our affiliate tools help you manage your OAF professional affiliate activity.
  • Use our custom link builder to create direct product links, track links by campaigns and more.
  • Link directly to your favorite pieces, artists and collections.
  • Create custom on-site landing pages.
  • Simple PayPal payouts monthly.
1-Star $0 - $2500 2.50%
2-Star $2501 - $7500 3%
3-Star $7501 - $20,000 3.50%
4-Star $20,001 - $100,000 4%
5-Star $100,001 + 5%

For Artist & Vendors

  • Earn back some of your commissions!
  • We track which new customers come through your custom affiliate link, and credit you with a partial commission on most sales.
  • You even earn credits if someone comes through your link and buys from a fellow artist.
  • Sales credits will be added to your normal funds transfers.
  • Starting is as easy as pasting a small piece of code on your site or a link in an email.
Qualifying Sales 2% Commission pay-back
Vendor Recruitment 1% Commission reduction (until minimum comission rate)
Promoter Recruitment 1% Reduction, then $50 pay-back

For Customers

  • You can earn free art with our affiliate program.
  • Share your affiliate link with friends, family and audiences.
  • If they make a qualifying purchase, you'll earn a site-credit of up to 5%.
  • There are no limits on how much site credit you can earn.

For Promoters

  • You can help your artists by adding your affiliate link to your site.
  • Participating Artists get to keep selling to your show attendees, and you earn a commission for connecting them.
  • Earn 1%-2% commission on all qualifying sales that originate from your custom link
  • Earn free listing upgrades and marketing opportunities with Artist referrals.