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Affiliate & Referral Program

For Professional Affiliates

  • Our affiliate tools help you manage your OAF professional affiliate activity.
  • Use our custom link builder to create direct product links, track links by campaigns and more.
  • Link directly to your favorite pieces, artists and collections.
  • Create custom on-site landing pages.
  • Simple PayPal payouts monthly.
  • Affiliates earn 3% on attributed sales.
  • Earn unlimited sign-up bonuses for new Artist and Promoter recruitment, up to $20 per lead.

For Artist & Vendors

  • Earn back some of your commissions!
  • We track which new customers come through your custom affiliate link, and credit you with a 1% commission on most sales, including from fellow artists.
  • IF a new Artist or Promoter signs up from your affiliate link, you'll earn a $20 recruitment bonus
  • Sales credits will be added to your normal funds transfers monthly
  • Starting is as easy as pasting a small piece of code on your site or a link in an email.

For Customers

  • You can earn free art with our affiliate program.
  • Share your affiliate link with friends, family and audiences.
  • If they make a qualifying purchase, you'll earn a 1% site-credit.
  • Credits are issued monthly.
  • There are no limits on how much site credit you can earn.

For Promoters

  • You can help your artists by adding your affiliate link to your site.
  • Participating Artists get to keep selling to your show attendees, and you earn a commission for connecting them.
  • Earn 1% commission on all qualifying sales that originate from your custom link
  • Earn up to $20 per Artist and fellow Promoter who successfully onboard through your link. No limit.

What are the program requirements?

Interested in joining the OAF affiliate program?  Here's what you need to know:

Artists & Vendors: You are automatically enrolled.  Just go grab your custom links and start publishing.  Commissions will be added to your payouts monthly.

Promoters: You are automatically enrolled when you are approved to create listings.  Just use your custom links to start earning commissions right away.

Customers: If you have ordered (and not returned) at least one product from Online Art Festival, you qualify to earn customer credit commissions.  Just fill out the application, become familiar with the Affiliate Terms, and most customers are approved within a few days.

Professional Affiliates: As a professional affiliate, you should be familiar with the Affiliate Terms.  Fill out the application, and provide as much detail as possible about intended marketing methods. Please note that certain marketplaces and platforms are strictly forbidden in the Terms. At this time, we do not have performance requirements for Professional Affiliates, but may add them as our program grows. Most applications are approved within a few days.