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Metal wall art can transform your room and vertical spaces and add value to your room décor.  They are always in trend and can uplift the spirits of any room irrespective of its dimensions.  At Online Art Festival, we offer a broad collection of metal wall décor art from Meyerdirk Art and Dugout Creek Designs to complement every room interior. You can hang them vertically or horizontally to suit your décor needs. Browse through the collection below to find the most suitable metal wall art for your wall!

Buy Metal Wall Art Online at Online Art Festival

A variety of metal wall décor art pieces from Online Art Festival can enhance the beauty of your living room, office, bedroom, and even gardens with their creative designs. You can find the following types of metal wall art here:

  • Logo Wall Art: As the name suggests, wall art is mainly designed in the form of the logo or mascot of your favorite team or organization where you serve. The logo art of your favorite golf, college football, or any sports team can be displayed in your home, bedroom, and trophy room or man cave. Our logo wall art also makes a good gift item for sports enthusiasts.
  • Abstract Wall Art: Turn them in any direction, your metal wall art will look meaningful from all angles. The wall art of this type is a real eye-catcher on all occasions. One such example is Bubbles Metal Décor and Sprig Metal Décor by Meyerdirk Art.
  • Vintage Wall Art: Our collection features vintage art designs such as Smoke Spirit, which may make a valuable addition to your modern décor. You can easily mix and match vintage art with other art items to create an appealing look.


Why Choose Metal Wall Art from Online Art Festival

Metal wall art from Online Art Festival is one of the most popular items available with us. The following features have contributed to their popularity.

  • The metal wall art is crafted from high-quality steel, metal or copper, which makes them long-lasting and durable.
  • Featuring intricate designs, many pieces of metal wall art delight with their shiny glossy finishes.
  • All our metal wall art is made in USA by American Artists, which helps us assure quality and reliability.
  • Available in a variety of colors, our handcrafted metal wall art can be matched with your home décor.


Frequently Asked Questions on Metal Wall Art  

  • How to hang metal wall décor art?

You can hang metal wall art horizontally or vertically. You will need a hanger or a screw to hang the metal wall art. In some cases, a removeable hook or temporary hanging alternative may suffice. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing metal wall art.

  • You can match the wall art with the color of your room. Many artworks in our collection are offered in multiple colors, so you can easily match them with your furniture and interior décor. Else, you can use neutral colors such as black or silver to match your preferences.
  • Consider hanging the metal wall art on a plain wall, which has no other items. This will help focus your entire space around your new art.
  • Always make it a point to position them in the center of the wall so that it matches the eye level of the viewer.
  • The metal wall art must cover a reasonably large portion of your wall length to draw attention. For larger areas, this can be achieved with a wall art grouping.
  • If you plan to hang this art close to any furniture at home or office, be sure to hang it in a safe place at least 6 inches above the furniture.


  • How to take care of metal décor items?

Metal décor items look unique on all occasions. Like any other décor items, you can enhance the beauty of your metal décor by taking care of them. Here are some simple ways to care for your metal décor items.

  • Do not use any cleaning agent or scrub to wipe away dust from these items. It is always recommended to use a dry cloth over these items.
  • If you are using room sprays always make it a point to spray it away from these art items.
  • Do not keep your art too close to other furniture that may bump it.


  • Do most metal wall art items break easily?

No, they should not break easily. The metal art items created by juried artists, are made of high-quality metals. So, you can be assured of their quality.


Feel free to contact us today to discuss your metal wall art décor requirements. Our team will be happy to assist you.