Promoter Terms

These terms are an addendum to the standard OAF Terms & Conditions of Use.

By utilizing services offered on this Platform, Promoters agree to these additional Terms & Conditions.

Accuracy of Data

Promoter agrees to only provide accurate data for any event listings. If promoter discovers factual inaccuracies, they must immediately notify OAF of such inaccuracies and request corrections. Promoters who provide false or misleading information for event listings may be removed and banned from the Platform.

Ticket Sales

If Promoter utilizes Ticket Sales from OAF, Promoter understands that OAF will facilitate the sale of event tickets and will provide guidance on scanning tickets for event admission. OAF is not responsible for technology failures beyond our control. OAF will withhold a commission on all ticket sales.


OAF reserves the right to change or modify these terms at any time with or without notice. Promoters should check back regularily to ensure compliance with the most current Promoter Terms and Terms & Conditions.