Dropship Network Vendor Terms

Conditions of Use

Vendors who utilize the Dropship Network are bound by the following additional terms.  Users who do not agree to these additional terms may not use the Dropship Network.

Description of Services

The Dropship Network offers OAF Vendors an opportunity to offer their goods to a community of wholesale customers.


Dropship Network prices must be  the lowest price listed across the Online Art Festival platform.  Price may be equal to other tiers (i.e. retail price), but may not be higher.

Price changes are delayed up to 30 days to accommodate partner systems.

Product Eligibility

All enrolled products must be an item that can be reproduced nearly identical at the same price each time.

Order Fulfillment

Lead time must be adequate for order processing.  Repeatedly processing orders late may result in suspension from the Dropship Network.

Vendor Availability

Vendors should be available for Dropship Network partner inquiries.
If Vendor will be unavailable or unable to ship for more than 2 business days, vacation mode should be used to pause sales.


All Dropship Network sales are eligible for return for any reason, for up to 30 days. Return costs and appropriate package insurance are the responsibility of Network partner.
If a return does not qualify for a refund, Vendor must submit a refund dispute form within 5 days of return delivery.

Accuracy of Information

Vendors are responsible for accuracy of listing information provided.  If Vendor finds that information is listed incorrectly, Vendor must immediately notify OAF or take action to correct the errant information.

Commission Rate

Commission rates are the same flat rate used for retail sales.  OAF does not differentiate between sales tiers.

Partner Representation

OAF Dropship Partners receive licensed distribution rights to certain marketplaces and partner sites.  These partners must adhere to certain standards in order to represent your products. If you believe your products have been misrepresented, please contact VendorSupport@OnlineArtFestival.com.

Partner Sites

OAF is authorized to act with full distribution rights for any product added to the Dropship Network.  We have a variety of partnerships with partner marketplaces, in-house boutique sites dropship networks and major retailers to market your product.

Physical Stores

OAF has partnered with galleries and boutique shops to get your art products into more stores.  By placing your product into the Dropship Network, the item is automatically available to physical storefront customers.