Vertical Military Seal Flag by Vintage Honor


  • Military seal options : Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy, Navy SEALs, or Space Force
  • Size options: 13″x28″, 18″x38″, or 23″x48″
  • Individually handcrafted from aged oak wine barrels
  • Detailed seals offer a respectful tribute to the military branch’s identity and legacy
  • Ready for display with a sealed finish for preservation and hanging hardware for easy installation


Vintage Honor’s Vertical Military Seal Flags stand as a salute to the valor and dedication of each branch of the United States Armed Forces. Created with the utmost reverence for the nation and those who serve it, each variant of this flag is a handcrafted masterpiece by a United States Marine Veteran. These works are not just symbols of patriotism but also markers of the artisan’s personal journey and commitment to honoring the great nation.

The flags are fashioned from the staves and heads of repurposed oak wine barrels, each piece enriched with the legacy of American winemaking and bourbons. The distinct marks and hues of the wood, telling the story of its past life aging fine spirits, give each flag a unique personality and depth. Upon this canvas of seasoned oak, the military seals of the Army, Navy, Navy SEALs, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, or Space Force are meticulously etched, showcasing the distinguished insignia of each service with pride and precision.

The rich patina of the wood complements the boldness of the seals, with the stars and emblems set against the blue of the union, creating an arresting visual harmony. The natural grain of the oak offers a stark yet beautiful contrast, symbolizing the steadfast and resilient spirit of the military.

Every flag from Vintage Honor is a singular piece, a one-of-a-kind token that tells its own story. With durability in mind, each is sealed and treated for optional outdoor display, complete with hanging hardware for a dignified presentation.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Military Branch

Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Navy SEALs, Space Force

Star Pattern

50 Stars (modern), 13 Stars (Betsy Ross)


13"x28", 18"x38", 23"x48"


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