First Responder Flag by Vintage Honor


  • Line color options: Blue Line, Red Line, or  Green Line
  • Size options: 13″x28″, 18″x38″, or 23″x48″
  • Each flag uniquely handcrafted from reclaimed oak wine barrels
  • Ready to display with attached hanging hardware
  • Sealed for both indoor and outdoor honorific placements
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The First Responder Flag by Vintage Honor stands as a stately tribute to the valor and dedication of emergency personnel. Each variant of this flag—be it the Blue Line, Green Line, or Red Line—is a salute to the different branches of first responders, crafted with reverence and a deep sense of gratitude.

A United States Marine Veteran, repurposes oak wine barrels to create these flags. The rich, dark stains from the barrels’ previous contents add a distinctive character to each piece, reflecting the matured and robust nature of the service these flags represent. The lines of color—blue, red, and green—run with purpose through the stripes, symbolizing the thin line first responders walk every day to protect and serve.

The natural wood grain of the oak provides a robust backdrop for the stars and stripes, resonating with the ethos of strength and resilience. These flags are not merely decorative items; they embody a narrative of courage, sacrifice, and unwavering commitment.

Whether displayed in a home, office, or public space, each flag carries with it an air of solemnity and pride. Vintage Honor ensures that the legacy of these barrels is continued, giving them a new lease of life as symbols of national service and heroism.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Stripe Color

Blue, Green, Red

Star Pattern

50 Stars (modern), 13 Stars (Betsy Ross)


13"x28", 18"x38", 23"x48"


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