Contemporary Squares Metal Decor Set by Meyerdirk Art


  • Contemporary Squares Metal Decor Set by Meyerdirk Art dimensions:
    • large square – 11.9″ x 11.9″
    • medium squares – 7.9″ x 7.9″
    • small squares – 5.9″x 5.9″
  • Colors: Candy Blue, Candy Green, Candy Orange, Candy Purple, Candy Red, Candy Teal, Candy Yellow, Copper Vein, Distressed Copper, Polished Silver, Silver Vein
  • Set of 3 Squares
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Showcase your creativity by creating abstract patterns on your walls with these Contemporary Squares Metal Decor Set by Meyerdirk Art! These squares are uniquely designed with a cutout square in the middle.  This cut out makes it look more stylish as a room decor. Each set of these contemporary squares give you three squares of different sizes. Contemporary Squares come in  11 different color options. These squares can also be easily mixed and matched with other wall decor.  You can easily channel your creativity through your walls! Get your own contemporary squares wall decor now! If you want to create a wall of circles and squares, be sure to check out Contemporary Circles by Meyerdirk Art.  These circles come in all the same colors as the Contemporary Squares, but the are a bit more….well rounded.

Additional information

Weight 3.25 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 4 in

Blue, candy-blue, candy-green, candy-orange, candy-purple, candy-red, candy-teal, candy-yellow, Copper, copper-vein, distressed-copper, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver, Teal, Yellow, silver-vein


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