Text on Wooden Flag by Vintage Honor


  • Dimension options: 13″x28″, 18″x38″, 23″x48″
  • Pattern options:  Plain, USA Flag
  • Handcrafted by a US Marine Veteran from reclaimed oak wine barrels
  • Equipped with hanging hardware and sealed


Embrace the rustic charm and patriotic spirit with the Text on Wooden Flag by Vintage Honor, a series of handcrafted art pieces that celebrate both national pride and the beauty of upcycled materials. Each flag in this collection is a narrative woven from the history of repurposed oak wine barrels, which have been transformed from vessels of winemaking into symbols of American heritage.

The flags are skillfully designed using aged barrel heads and staves, showcasing the natural patina and the wine’s deep, rich tones absorbed into the wood during the aging process. The texture and color variations make each piece a one-of-a-kind treasure, echoing the diversity of the nation itself.

Crafted with honor by a United States Marine Veteran, these flags carry the ethos of service and dedication. The craftsmanship is visible in every detail, from the careful assembly to the finishing touches that prepare each flag for display, whether it be the centerpiece of a room or a distinguished outdoor installation.

Vintage Honor’s commitment to quality is evident in every piece, offering a timeless aesthetic that is as durable as it is meaningful. With hanging hardware included, these flags are not only a testament to the artisan’s skill but also to the enduring American spirit.

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American Flag, Plain


13"x28, 18×38, 23×48


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