Vintage Honor

Alberto Martinez

  • Sculpture
  • AZ
Vintage Honor cover

INTRO: Crafted with pride and skill, Vintage Honor flags are unique pieces of art made in the U.S. to honor our great nation! Created by a United States Marine Veteran, each handmade flag is carefully crafted using repurposed oak wine barrels that were once used to age red wines. Every piece is one-of-a kind and comes complete with hanging hardware attached for easy display both inside or outside your home — ready to show off its vintage appeal today!

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Vintage Honor was created by a United States Marine Veteran with the hopes of honoring our great nation with hand-crafted works of art made in the United States. Each American flag is created from repurposed oak wine barrels, skillfully designed using aged barrel heads and staves. These flags exhibit the character of their use in the red wine aging process, and provide a sense of timeless beauty. Every Vintage Honor flag is a unique piece, ​so you know yours is one of a kind. Each flag is completed with hanging hardware attached and is sealed and treated for optional outdoor display.We also create candle holders and lazy susans. To construct these distinctive goods, we use the barrel heads from wine and bourbon barrels.