Sunrise, Bronze and Stone Sculpture by Mike Greenfield


Sunrise is a captivating bronze and stone sculpture  by master sculptor Mike Greenfield. This one of  a kind sculpture brings modern artistry to the traditional spirit of Native American culture showcasing the beauty, skill, and detail Mike has become famous for.  The stone volcanic tuff which is from northeast of Phoenix  has been hand carved and polished using diamond tools.   The bronze which is also one of kind has been made for this sculpture using the lost wax process.  the piece is 12″x 9″ x 9″


Discover Sunrise, a unique sculpture crafted by the esteemed Mike Greenfield. Drawing on traditional symbols of human nature, this one-of-a-kind artwork brings modern artistry to your collection. This piece is visually stunning; Sunrise shows off Greenfield’s skill and eye for detail using hand-carved volcanic tuff from northeast Phoenix, Arizona.  It’s polished with diamond tools in an elegant display of texture and contrast. Completing the piece is a bronze shell, cast via the lost wax process. Measuring 12 x 9 x 9 inches, Sunrise will be an exquisite addition to any high-end art lover’s collection. Defined by its beautiful details, stunning color scheme, detailed design elements and overall elegance, investing in Sunrise will ensure you have something truly distinctive and incomparable for years to come.

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in


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