Salt River Wildflowers by Byron Neslen Photography


  • Photographic print on aluminum
  • Globe Mallow and Owl Clover wildflowers amid the desert’s splendor
  • Saguaro cactus stands tall against the backdrop of wildflowers
  • Size options: 12″x18″, 16″x24″, 20″x30″, 24″x36″, 30″x45″, and 36″x54″


Celebrate the vibrant tapestry of nature with Salt River Wildflowers by Byron Neslen Photography. This captivating artwork transports you to the banks of the Salt River, east of Phoenix, Arizona, where a delicate dance of Globe Mallow and Owl Clover wildflowers takes center stage against a majestic Saguaro cactus.

Byron Neslen’s masterful lens captures the essence of spring’s awakening, as the desert blooms burst into color beneath the watchful gaze of the Saguaro. The vivid hues of the wildflowers and the timeless presence of the cactus create a harmonious composition that captures the soul of the Sonoran Desert.

Printed on aluminum, the “Salt River Wildflowers” image is available in six different sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique space. Whether displayed as a focal point or a subtle accent, this print brings the vitality of the desert’s wildflowers into your environment.

Celebrate the delicate beauty of the Sonoran Desert’s blooms with “Salt River Wildflowers.” It’s more than a photograph; it’s a testament to the extraordinary artistry of nature’s palette.

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12×18, 16×24, 20×30, 24×36, 30×45, 36×54


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