Salt River Horses Spring by Byron Neslen Photography


  • Size options:  12″x18″, 16″x24″, 20″x30″, 24″x36″, 30″x45″, and 36″x54″
  • Wild horses grazing on a hillside
  • Vibrant green landscape
  • High-quality photographic print
  • Serene Arizona scenery
  • 12″x18″ and 16″x24″ come with a standard back
  • 20″x30″, 24″x36″, 30″x45″, and 36″x54″ come with a stand out frame


Salt River Horses Spring by Byron Neslen Photography captures a tranquil scene of wild horses grazing on a lush hillside near the Salt River in Phoenix, Arizona. The photograph showcases a group of horses, both white and brown, scattered across the vibrant green landscape. Above them, the sky is adorned with wispy, flowing clouds, adding a sense of movement and serenity to the scene.

Neslen’s photograph beautifully balances the expansive sky and rolling hillside, creating a harmonious and peaceful image. The gentle grazing of the horses against the backdrop of a bright, clear sky evokes a sense of calm and connection to nature. The soft light of the setting sun casts a warm glow over the scene, enhancing the natural beauty and tranquility of the moment.

Salt River Horses Spring brings a touch of the wild and serene Arizona landscape into any space, serving as a reminder of the beauty and freedom found in nature.

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12×18, 16×24, 20×30, 24×36, 30×45, 36×54


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