Quail by Meyerdirk Art


  • Quail by Meyerdirk Art dimensions: 16” x 13”
  • Rustic/metallic style
  • Made using quality steel
  • Quail-inspired design
  • Nature wall decoration

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The incredible details of this Quail by Meyerdirk Art will have you and your guests immediately captivated! The beautifully handmade piece of art comes from exclusive metal artisans in the USA, who have used quality steel as their medium to create artworks that defy traditional decorations to focus on a more unique approach. The Quail Metal Art Decor is a perfect wall decoration choice for any avid “nature” lover, particularly for lodge-style homes or any house needing a touch of nature. The Quail is a bird famed for its symbol of nature and a “good hunt,” which also makes it ideal for hunting lodges or hunting trophy rooms. With its rustic/metallic color style, the Quail Metal Art integrates effortlessly with neutral wallpapers or even makes an excellent gift idea to an avid hunting friend.

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 4 × 16 in

Copper, Silver


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