Magic Mountains by Charles Santora Photography


  • 36″X24″ High Gloss Metal Print, Ready to Hang
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • *Additional print sizes and print mediums are available. Contact artist to inquire.
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Magic Mountains by Charles Santora Photography was taken at the outskirts of Cairo these majestic pyramids grace the Giza Plateau with their perfect geometric beauty and underlying mysteries. Still to this day Egyptologists “surmise” how these pyramids were constructed, but they’re not entirely sure.

What we do know though is that the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza embodies the foundations of mathematics and geometry; Phi, Pi and Pythagorean Theorem. And amazingly, the Great Pyramid is located at the exact center of the land mass on Earth. Magical indeed.

I captured this composition while riding a horse over the desert sands, and because it was extremely challenging to keep the horse perfectly still, I used a very fast shutter speed to capture a super sharp image in order to bring out the texture and details of the pyramid structures.

Magic Mountains by Charles Santora Photography is a luxury high gloss metal fine art print is produced using a technology called sublimation. Sublimation is where inks are infused directly into specially coated metal sheets (aluminum panels). The result of this specialized process are printed images with stunning color, vibrancy, unrivaled resolution and a stunning glass-like luminescence finish.

The image quality of aluminum prints created using this process has been tested to have a longevity of 4 times that of paper. Metal prints are also surprisingly light and have a durability that is unmatched in the fine art print world; they are scratch, fade and water resistant.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 1 × 24 in

Blue, Brown, Gold, Tan, Yellow


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