Desert Sky sculpture by Kim Obrzut


  • Desert Sky sculpture by Kim Obrzut dimensions: 17”H x 7.25”W x 6.5”D
  • Honoring Hopi Sacred Landscape
  • Exquisite Bronze Artistry
  • Sky and Earth Connection
  • Egalitarian Representation

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Desert Sky sculpture by Kim Obrzut. Scented with sage, and salt brush, the rocky fingers of the three Hopi mesas offer an unobstructed view through to the horizon. Off in the distance one can see the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest, the San Francisco Peaks, the Grand Canyon, and even Sunset Crater. On this sacred land of the Hopi is a world of stone houses silhouetting the skyline hardly discernible from the rocky cliffs below The air is clear and dry.

The Four Corners country is lightly populated and far from outside influence. Sixty miles East of Winslow, Arizona at 6000 feet above sea level with less than ten inches of rainfall a year the Hopi people are intimately connected to the environment. These westernmost Puebloan people track the heavens; the sun, the moon, lightning, the clouds and even rainbows to aide them in the survival of their civilization and the preservation of their culture.

For over a thousand years life at Hopi on the Colorado Plateau has received blessings and inspiration from the Four directions through a life of hard work and dedication to the land and sky around them.

She has no face, which symbolizes the egalitarian society of the Hopi people. She represents a people, not an individual. The Hopi thought is: One Mind, one Body and one Spirit



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