Condensation 22 gallery-wrap canvas by The Nature Gallery


Title:  “Condensation 22“.  Photography is all about the ‘art’ of seeing.  There is an infinite world of beauty and amazement in the closeup, a different scale of seeing.  A world right near us, at hand, every day.  This is a closeup of water that condensed overnight on the top of a water bottle.



This presentation is a gallery-wrap canvas.  It is a photograph printed on canvas, coated, and stretched on a size keyed stretcher bar.

The image is also offered as a canvas in an 18” x 24” size,  22” x 30” size.  Also offered in a framed presentation in an 18” x 24” size, 22” x 30″ size.  Larger sizes available.

Please note:  All my artwork, all images, can be custom-sized anywhere in between sizes presented on this website – or go larger.  Contact me and we can discuss options and do a virtual fitting into your space, be it work or home.

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18×24, 22×30


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