American Service Military Flag by Vintage Honor


  • Size options available: small (13″x28″), medium (18″x38″), large (23″x48″)
  • Each flag is a handcrafted symbol of service and patriotism by a US Marine Veteran.
  • Created from distinctive oak wine barrels
  • Versatile display options, complete with sturdy hardware for indoor/outdoor decor.


The American Service Military Flags by Vintage Honor stand as a remarkable testament to valor and patriotism, each piece a handcrafted homage to the enduring spirit of the United States. These flags are not just symbols of national pride but also of the dedication and sacrifice inherent in military service. Crafted with care by a United States Marine Veteran, the collection embodies the essence of honor and pays tribute to the country’s rich history.

Crafted from the staves and heads of repurposed oak wine barrels, these flags carry with them the legacy of American craftsmanship. The materials, once integral to the wine aging process, bring with them a narrative of transformation, reflecting the resilience and adaptability of the nation. The distinct staining from the barrels ensures that no two flags are alike, each one a unique piece of art with its own story.

Each flag is equipped with robust hanging hardware, and a protective seal allows for display options both indoors and out, offering versatility to match their symbolic significance.

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Don't Tread On Me, US Marine Corp Eagle Globe and Anchor


Small, Medium, Large


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