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Vermillion Promotions VIP

If you're here, you were likely pre-juried by

Vermillion Promotions.

Thank you for visiting!

We're honored to meet an Artist

who exhibits with Vermillion Promotions.

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Be sure to schedule your VIP Onboarding below.

What is Online Art Festival?

  • Online Art Festival is a relatively new community built around the idea of a Digital Art Festival.
  • Free profile pages for all Juried Artists.
  • Artist Marketplace where artists can sell to customers, galleries, boutique stores, and customers across every buying demographic, with one account-wide commission rate.
  • Art Festival Calendar where artists can tag themselves to build a profile event schedule
  • Connect to your Etsy account and import your entire catalog and keep your stock in sync

VIP Onboarding

You've been juried into this event, so we already know you have the kind of high-quality art we look for in our partner Artists.  We will be joining Vermillion Promotions at the Tubac Festival of the Arts this year, and offering VIP Onboarding sessions to exhibiting Artists. (Subject to internet availability)

What is VIP Onboarding?

Our VIP Onboarding Package has a value of $450.00, but we're waving that for any artist who was referred by Vermillion Promotions.

Here's What You Get:

  • You have an OAF rep at your booth for up to 20 minutes of 1-on-1 setup assistance, Q&A about the platform, product setup, or whatever else we can assist with to help you succeed with Online Art Festival.
  • Profile Setup:
    • Just fill out a quick questionnaire and our writing team will create your profile.
    • If you have photos ready for you profile, just email them and we'll get everything uploaded.
    • **BONUS** If you need some photos taken, we can do a simple artist head shot, photos of your booth and some great product shots for your profile.
  • Product setup:
    • If you're new to selling online, we'll take some photos of products in your booth and help you fill out a product info questionnaire.
    • If you have an Esty store, we'll help you connect that and import your catalog directly to the OAF platform. (Pending availability - this is a new feature with limited availability during beta testing)
    • If you have product data someplace else, you can email it and we'll finish your catalog manually.
  • Custom Marketing Launch week
    • Our VIP Onboarding to the marketplace comes with a dedicated launch week.  We'll run a custom campaign to try to raise awareness for you and your art.
    • Social Media Posts & Ads
    • Digital Billboard Ads
    • Custom Emails
    • OAF Sponsored  Discount Coupon
    • Optional live feed
    • Optional Artist Interview
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