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INTRO: Experience the vibrant essence of the Sonoran desert through acrylic paintings on natural wood canvases. These captivating artworks feature iconic Arizona cacti like saguaro, cholla, golden barrel, prickly pear, and more, meticulously painted onto pine, birch, and other raw wood slabs. Each stroke brings the arid landscape to life, capturing the dramatic beauty of the desert with unparalleled realism.

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Mari Tanaka-Abbott, originating from Yokohama, Japan, has found her artistic home in Scottsdale, Arizona, for the past 25 years. Descended from a lineage of artists and Japanese tea garden masters, her global adventures spanning 50 countries have deeply influenced her work. From the grandeur of mountain peaks to the tranquility of distant shores, Mari\'s paintings reflect the rich tapestry of nature\'s hues that she has absorbed along her travels. Her journey from competitive athlete to successful Japanese kimono model speaks to her diverse experiences, yet her unwavering dedication to the arts has remained constant. Drawing inspiration from her samurai ancestry, Mari infuses her canvases with the rugged allure of the Sonoran desert, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in its vivid landscapes. In her retirement, Mari has reignited her passion for painting with renewed vigor, crafting scenes that transcend mere representation to evoke a profound sense of tranquility and beauty. Her panoramic vistas capture the essence of the desert\'s majesty, resonating with viewers and transporting them to its heart with each brushstroke. Through her art, Mari Tanaka-Abbott continues to captivate audiences, offering a glimpse into the timeless allure of the Sonoran desert oasis.

Many pieces of art can be customized.  If you're interested in a custom design, please message the Artist.