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INTRO: Vermillion Promotions is passionate about the development of art and cultural appreciation. Through creativity, experience, and a network of industry professionals they can transform a City street, Park, or a unique location into a rich and vibrant hub for a great weekend of Arts and Entertainment.

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Vermillion Festivals have become magnets for art enthusiasts, collectors, and talented artists. Patrons enjoy the relaxed ambiance of these venues combined with a unique style of fusing the visual, culinary, and performing arts all into one idyllic location. These award winning festivals have developed a reputation for combining amazing art, tasty culinary dishes, and delightful entertainment to create the ultimate Festival experience.

As dedicated promoters of the arts, we were excited and honored to receive the 2016 ‘Champion of the Arts” award in the business category. Although we have received numerous awards over the years, we feel the most satisfying and meaningful award to date, was the ‘People’s Choice Award’ for creating a lasting connection between local businesses, the community, and the Arts.

Vermillion Promotions provides a comprehensive advertising and promotional campaign. Equally important, we take pride in providing our participants with special amenities and hospitality, as well a friendly experienced staff with a reputation for running well-organized events.