What is OAF?

Online Art Festival arose to fill the gaps that many Artists and Promoters fell into when art festivals around the globe began to shut down for public safety and health. Many Artists were suddenly without an income stream. Promoters also saw years of promotional work washed away in a moment as local governments issued closure orders and other festivals were forced to voluntarily shut down to protect the public.

After 25 years in the industry, we knew we had to do something to help as our friends and acquaintances began to see their business falling apart. So we gathered up our resources and set a plan in motion to create a safety net to help everyone across the industry.


Artists are welcome to apply to exhibit with Online Art Festival. Our jury committee (consisting of artists, business people and festival veterans) reviews each application to ensure we are only working with high quality artists and makers. Once approved, artists may list as many products for sale as they choose. They may list both original art as well as reproduction pieces.


Once approved, artists are also welcome to participate in our artist-only classifieds section. Here, Artists can connect with other Artists to buy/sell/trade anything from tents and booth displays to cargo trailers to entire businesses and artist studios.

Community Review System

We believe our community functions best when we are all accountable to each other. For years, Artists have been able to review shows, but there’s a lot more to know than just a blind review from a stranger. We are building a system that allows Customers/Shoppers to also review a show or festival so Promoters and Artists both know what the community feels about a show. Do they want more food? More music? More variety? Is the music too loud? Was the selection too limited? Does the community support the show or will they see Artists as invaders to their community? Is the Promoter responding the community requests to ensure show success? We encourage you to claim your event right away so we can start collecting those glowing reviews from Artists and Customers alike.

Just as important, Promoters may also review Artists. Did one Artist go out of their way to help the show? Want other Promoters and Customers to know that a certain Artist does a fantastic job of cross-promoting your show or that a couple of Artists were at the festival grounds early to help clean up after a storm? Maybe you had one Artist who created such an awful experience for your shoppers and festival go-ers you feel the need to warn other Promoters. Whether your experience was awful or fantastic, let other promoters know what to expect, and even incorporate community ranking into your jury process if you choose.

Show Promotion

Promoters are welcome to list their events with OAF. Events are also juried to ensure we only display the highest quality festivals. All Promoters who share their mailing list will automatically receive a free promotional package for their events. We’ll promote your shows through our own social media, directly to both artists and buyers, through email blasts and postcards, and through traditional media.

Ticket Sales

Do you have a wine tasting event? Beer garden? Entertainment with ticket sales? We also offer event ticketing for promoters to pre-sell to events. If you’ve ever had a rain-out event with nobody buying tickets, you know how devastating this can be to the bottom line of an event. Sell ahead and never deal with that again. Non-refundable tickets are a great way to raise money early to promote an event, ensure minimum ticket sales with no rain-out effect, and reduce staffing by allowing digital ticket sales.

Why not take ticketing a step further and sell raffle tickets for your community organizations? Promote digital ticket sales through social media and word of mouth. At drawing time, you can access a list of ticket buyers for your drawing. When it’s over, we’ll send over a deposit with your ticket proceeds.

Getting Started

Getting started with your first event listing is super easy! Just click below to register as a Promoter and start listing your event as soon as your application is approved!

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