Glencoe Festival of Arts in Glencoe Illinois

Glencoe Festival of Arts in Glencoe Illinois

Join the vibrant Glencoe Festival of Arts, brought to you by Amdur Productions, on July 20-21, 2024. Held in the heart of downtown Glencoe, Illinois, this free, two-day event runs from 10 to 5 daily and beckons art aficionados and the sophisticated Glencoe community. Perfect for young professionals, couples, families, and home owners, it's an ideal setting to discover unique jewelry, gifts, and a diverse range of art.

Explore an eclectic mix of artistic expressions, from stunning pieces for your collection to thoughtful gifts. Beyond the art, savor the local culinary scene, adding flavor to this artistic retreat. Amdur Productions invites you to this community-centric celebration, merging creativity with culinary delights.

Visit the official Glencoe Festival of Arts page for more info. More than just an art exhibit, it’s a weekend of inspiration and community engagement.

Applications are available at: Amdur Productions can also be reached at 847-926-4300 or

Application Due Date 2024-01-19
Jury Price (USD) $30.00

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