Download Your Customer Lists

Using Square:

  • Log Into 
  • On the left side should be a series of square buttons. (you may have to click the 3 small lines near the top to make the menu appear) 
  • Click the one that says “Customers”
  • This should show you a list of customers with whom you have conducted business.
  • On the upper, right side should be a button that says “Import / Export” – click this button
  • Choose “Export Customers”
  • Then choose “All Customers”
  • It should take a moment to build your export
  • The next screen should say ” A CSV file containing your customers is ready for download”
  • Click “Download” and save it to your computer

That’s it!  You should now have a file on your computer with your customer list.  Feel free to modify any information or delete any columns for privacy.

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