Just like a physical art festival, we have a few legal requirements during registration. Please complete and submit this documentation before proceeding to your profile setup.

Sales Tax

While facilitates collection and payment of sales tax, we are required to maintain documentation of sales tax authority. Please upload a copy of your sales tax license or sales tax exemption certificate. If your state or jurisdiction does not require businesses to maintain these documents, you may sign, date and upload any document which states the following:

I, [vendor name] am not required to obtain sales tax licensing or exemption in my jurisdiction. I understand that falsifying this statement may lead to civil or criminal penalties and agree to hold harmless for damages caused by improper sales tax documentation.

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If your state does not issue sales tax permits or exemption certificates, you may upload any document stating this fact.

Vendor Agreement

Your vendor agreement lays out the terms for using the Artist Marketplace. This is the only document that requires an actual signature. Please print the standard Vendor Terms Agreement HERE. Once printed, please complete and sign the document. You may upload a copy of the signed document below. We accept image or pdf files for your signature and information page.

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Upload a completed copy of your Vendor Terms Signature Page.


Because we are a marketplace facilitator, each vendor is responsible for maintaining current product and business liability insurance. We require a minimum of $100,000 product and/or general liability coverage. Please upload a Certificate of Insurance showing proof of this coverage.

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Please upload a current Certificate of Insurance that meets the above listed requirements.