Improve Your Product Listings to Sell More Art

Have you ever wondered what makes some products pop to the top of searches and others never make it?  In this article, we'll cover a variety of tips to help your products shoot to the top of searches, both on-site with Online Art Festival, and across the web, to new customers who hadn't yet considered Online Art Festival.

Create Your Product Title:

When you list a new piece of art for sale with Online Art Festival, you should use our standard naming schema.
[Name of Art Piece], [Brief Keyword Description], by [Artist]
Example: Evening Express, 3-Piece Hand Carved Wooden Train Set, by Santa's Workshop

Why does this help?

  • Customers are looking for familiar.  By always building product titles with the same structure, the customer get a much easier shopping experience as they browse the site.
  • You tell customers what the actual product is, as well as what you've named your creation.
  • Each title with your Vendor name is an opportunity to be found in Google & Bing searches if someone searches for your name.

Short Description

The short description shows just under the title on the product page.  You should try to achieve 2-3 simple descriptive sentences here.  Again, use the words that customers will use to search for your product.  (These search phrases are often called 'key words').
Example: Looking for a unique children's train set? Our hand-crafted train set is made with walnut and maple, and features no harmful chemicals. It's safe for small children and provides hours of fun indoor or outdoor play.
The short description is an opportunity to try to match how a customer might describe your piece of art if they've never seen it before. In this case, people will not realistically search for "Evening Express" when they want a hand carved train.  They'll search for "hand carved train."

Why does this help?

  • When customers are browsing online, you've got around 2-3 seconds to convince them to spend time scrolling.  This description gives them basic information and invites them to scroll down to learn more.  It also uses keywords to improve your chances of being found in a search.
    • Children's train  set
    • Handcrafted train
    • Train set
    • Walnut train
    • Maple train set
    • Indoor outdoor train set for small children
    • Train set with no chemicals
Look at how quickly our chances of being seen are expanding!

Long Description

The long description is where you should really get going on your story. Tell us about your process, your inspiration, the finish & materials used.  Use relevant keywords to tell us the story of  this art.  Did you capture this photo when you were on a special trip?  Did you create this design specially for a customer, then stick with it in more colors? Use this space to answer the questions that customers might ask you about your art in-person.
Example: Looking for a unique children's train set? Our hand-crafted train set is made with walnut and maple, and features no harmful chemicals. It's safe for small children and provides hours of fun indoor or outdoor play.
Each train takes several hours to carve by hand in our shop at the North Pole. We start with just a block of wood, a photo of an old coal-locomotive train, a few specialized tools, and a big bundle of patience.
Then, we carefully carve out each detail of the train using specialized tools. The block of wood gets sanded down, coated in a few layers of finish, and voila! It's ready for hours of playtime with your children.
Since our toy train is hand-carved, each one is unique!
We try to choose wood for its grain.  The beauty with the gloss finish is one of our favorite things about this beautiful hand carved train set.  We hope that your family and the children you purchase this for love it as much as we do!
Our train measures about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide. The height varies based upon the type of train car.  The engine is the tallest, with a slightly shorter caboose, and the boxcar is the shortest car in this set.  Of course, the height varies on each set because of the handcrafted nature.

Why does this help?

  • Look at all of the wonderful keywords we were able to include here!  There are so many things that someone might search for, from train sets and hand-carved toys to toys made at the North Pole and a glossy wooden boxcar.  Every time we add one of they phrases that someone might use to search for this product, our chances of being shown will increase.

Need some help writing your product descriptions?  We offer description writing services for as low as $5 per product.


Categories are extremely important because most have additional product fields.  The fields that come up contain specific information for helping customers make a purchase decision. Each product can be placed into as many as 3 product categories.  Check out the full list of available categories here.  If we're missing a category that you need for your products, be sure to contact Vendor support so we can get that added for you.

Why does this help?

  • These fields add relevant information to help customers make a decision.
  • These fields are designed to increase your exposure in search results, both on-site and off-site.

What to Avoid When Listing New Art

There are a few things that you should not include on a product page, if you're looking to optimize sales.  Some of these include:

  • Lengthy discussions about your overall business
  • Discussions about other Artists or Products
  • Discussions about festivals & events (unless it relates directly to this specific item)
  • Off-site links

Why does this help?

  • It's important to create a page that is wholly dedicated to just one product at a time.
  • Customers will get lost in the off-topic information and will leave
  • Search engines, such as Google, Bing & Yahoo will be unable to determine the topic of your product page, and will not know when to display it as relevant to searches
  • You'll ruin all your hard work with relevant keywords if you add unrelated information and clutter the ideas.