Marketing for Success with Online Art Festival

Custom Featured Artist Week

All new Artists with Online Art Festival have an opportunity for a Featured Artist Week marketing blitz campaign.  You'll work with a Personal Marketing Specialist as we set up your custom marketing plan to help you sell your art.

  • We'll create a complete social media campaign, across several platforms to announce you as a new Artist.
  • We discount our commissions to offer a launch sale - you're welcome to add to our discount to further entice new customers
  • We'll send out a series of emails throughout the week to all our subscribers to let them know about you, your art, and especially about your launch sale!
  • We'll run a series of billboards throughout the week that feature your designs.
  • If you have a live event throughout the week, we'll let our subscribers know exactly where they can find you in person.

Once you've completed your catalog, click the button below to request your custom featured artist week!  Every new Artist is eligible for one Featured Artist Week to jumpstart their art sales, so be sure to claim yours.

Social Media

Are you following Online Art Festival across social media?  Sharing our posts and interacting with us - especially the stuff about you and your art - will help your exposure to our customers.  The more you interact with us, the more opportunities our shared customers have to meet you and discover your art.

Interacting also increases the chances that we'll see your posts so we can share them with our audience.

Join the discussions on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

Free Promotional Materials

Did you know we offer free stickers, discount coupons and customer swag? Check out our Vendor Store for promotional items you can use to send your customers to your Online Art Festival Virtual Booth!

Let's Share Links

We've created a badge to let your customers know they can interact with you through Online Art Festival.  Just copy one of the codes below and insert on your page.