How to Sell Your Art Online with Online Art Festival

If you are an artist trying to sell your art online or wishing to target a broad section of buyers, then you may have come across several online platforms that allow you do so. Online Art Festival is the best option among them. Online Art Festival offers one of the most comprehensive collections of art items across categories. This makes it an easy option for all types of artists who want to sell their art online. It doesn’t matter whether you are a painter trying to sell original paintings or a professional sculptor trying to sell sculptures online, Online Art Festival offers you the right platform to sell them. Having said that, you need more than just a good piece of work to sell on this platform. You need to know about the platform and its criteria before you start selling on it. If you are intrigued to know more, then this post is for you. It guides you through different steps of selling on the website.

Steps to Sell Your Art on Online Art Festival

Before you start selling your art, your art must meet the jury standards which are similar to the ones at juried art events. This enables the jury team at Online Art Festival to analyze the quality, originality, and creativity of the art item shared by you.

This questionnaire requires you to share your artist bio, types of techniques used for creating the art, source of inspiration, and what got you started. It requires you to share the following:

    • 3-5 images or videos of your finished work. You can include quick videos or jury photos as examples.
    • 3-5 images or videos of your art displays at stores, galleries, art festivals, and various marketplaces.
    • 3-5 images or videos of your work in progress. In this, you can demonstrate the components or techniques that demonstrate the handcrafted nature of your art.
  • Next, you need to set up your login information on the website. Every time, you need to enter the website using this information. You can begin setting up your profile and catalog right away.
  • On receiving the jury approval, you can start selling on the website using the login details.


Why Artists Choose Online Art Festival?

Online Art Festival is quite unlike any other online marketplace for selling art. There are several features that make it unique and appealing to artists. The following pointers will help you understand.

  • Flat Selling Fee: The website has no hidden fees. They do not charge you listing fees, convenience fees, advertising fees, transfer fees, or membership fees. All vendors are charged a 15% flat commission rate. However, they can lower this commission to almost 4% by utilizing these opportunities:
    1. Recruiting some new artists
    2. Participating in artist research panels
    3. Participating in selective promotional opportunities
    4. Participating in live demonstrations and virtual studio hours


  • Comprehensive Range of Product Categories: As said before, Online Art Festival offers a broad range of product categories to sell your art. The following are a few prominent ones among them.
    1. Painting: It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to sell your original art online or merchandised designs with gallery wraps and note cards. You can sell both on this platform.
    2. Pottery: Selling pottery online is not easy, and often artists trying to sell handmade art online find it challenging to find potential buyers. Online Art Festival targets potential buyers who may buy your art.
    3. Fiber, Fabric, & Custom Clothing: If you are a cloth designer or seller of certain types of fibers or fabric, then this platform is good for you. It attracts all types of buyers who may be interested in your product.
    4. Photography: It doesn’t matter if you are a photography hobbyist trying to find footing as a professional photographer or an established photographer who has been exhibiting at art festivals. This platform has a lot to offer both types of artists. It connects you to buyers who may be interested in photographic styles you specialize in.
    5. Custom Signs and Plaques: Plaques and signs made of wood, leather, glass, and other materials have been popular for several years now. If you are an artist specializing in custom signs and plaques made of these materials, then this platform will connect you to the right buyer.
    6. Sculptures: Many sculptors will agree that selling sculptures online is not easy. Online Art Festival makes selling sculptures online easy through a pre-planned vacation mode. It helps sculptors protect their inventory minimums.
    7. Metal Décor: Metal décor never goes out of style. They are eco-friendly and many customers invest in metal décor to spruce up their homes or offices. Online Art Festival connects both artists who specialize in metal décor and buyers who may be looking for authentic metal décor pieces.
    8. Coin Art: There are very few platforms that cater to buyers and artists genuinely interested in coin art and Online Art Festival is one of them. Here you can sell various types of coin art including cut coins, coin sculptures, painted coins, and so on.


  • Personal Launch Week: Listing your product online is not enough to attract the right buyer. To boost sales, Online Art Festival offers Personal Launch Week Ad Campaign. This campaign may include the following:
    • Video promotions
    • Social media posts and advertisements
    • Search engine advertisements
    • Billboards


Do you still have doubts on how to sell your art online with Online Art Festival? Get in touch with our team to start selling your art online.

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