5 Proven Wall Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Walls for Better

Empty walls in homes, offices and commercial facilities serve as a perfect canvas for showcasing your creativity. There are several creative wall decor items that can transform your plain wall into an interesting area. Sometimes buying and collecting these wall decor items takes years and may overdo your budget. Is there a source that offers these wall decor items on a single platform? Yes, indeed, there are several platforms, however, Online Art Festival stands tall among them. This platform offers one of the largest selections of wall decor items conceptualized and designed by some of the best artists in the US. Would you be intrigued to know what they are? If yes, this post is just for you. It introduces you to some of the best wall decor ideas that can be materialized with wall decor items online at local art festivals.

Top 5 Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home, Office, and Private Spaces

The following are a few popular wall decor ideas featuring original art pieces at Online Art Festival.

  • Travel Photography by Charles Santora

    From River of Dreams taken along the Lady Birk Lake on Colorado River to Magic Mountains that are majestic pyramids on the outskirts of Cairo, Charles Santora’s photographs capture the landscapes in unique moods. These photographs are sure to transport viewers to these faraway destinations without actually going there and enjoy them with a different aspect.

    Charles Santora Photography Art for Wall Decor

    Travel Photography by Charles Santora

  • Nature Photography by The Natural Gallery

    All photographs in this selection are by Ron Mellot who believes that lenses, cameras, films, or megapixels have little to do with photography. His photographs are focused on natural elements that are highlighted using different weather and lighting effects.

    The Nature Gallery Art for Wall Decor

    Nature Photography by The Natural Gallery

  • Metal Decor Art by Dugout Creek Designs

    This collection features themed metal decor designs such as basketball, bear buzz, bear circle, bear paws, buffalo, bull rider and so on. These metal decor designs are admired for their classic expressions and incredible detailing. They are made of steel and are available in different colors to match your interior decor.

    Dugout Creek Metal Wall Decor Art

    Metal Decor Art by Dugout Creek Designs

  • Ceramic Coasters by Nine Hills Studio

    You can enhance your house decor by placing hand painted ceramic coasters on your dining table. At Online Art Festival, you will see several ceramic coasters in a wide range of themes including a Mickey Mouse coaster, a day at the beach coaster, appaloosa running wild coaster, and so on. The coasters are made from red clay, which can absorb moisture through the design lines and open areas of the design. They also make an excellent gift for special occasions such as birthdays, housewarming, and so on. Available in different colors, you can easily match them with your interior paints.

    Ceramic Coasters and Decorative Tile by Nine Hills Studio

    Ceramic Coasters by Nine Hills Studio

  • Meyerdirk Art

    This collection features stunning contemporary metal wall art and metal sculptures, which can easily highlight any plain wall. These metal wall art and sculptures are crafted in steel and available in different color options such as candy blue, green, orange, red, raspberry, copper, and metallic black. These metal wall art and sculptures possess stunning abstract layouts, which makes them ideal for modern spaces due to their large size. The metal wall art and metal scriptures sculptures can be styled anywhere from fireplaces, dining tables, and entrance hallways.

    Sculpture and Wall Art by Meyerdirk Art

    Meyerdirk Art

At Online Art Festival, you can find original art pieces from some of the best artists from the US. Remember – a decorated wall is a reflection of your personality and moods, thus, the wall decor items must be chosen carefully. It is quite possible to get confused with the right choice just by looking at these items. In such scenarios, it is always recommended to get in touch with our experts today.

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