Artist Jury Standards

Artists who sign up with Online Art Festival must pass a series of jury standards to join the marketplace.  These standards are updated from time-to-time, and are enforced for all exhibited works.

  1. Work must be designed by and originally crafted by the listed Artist. Reproductions are allowed, but must be the work of the listed Artist, and whenever possible should be created in the Artist’s own studio.
  2. All art must be consumer ready.  Vendors may not sell crafting or art kits, such as “paint-by-number” or “build your own” style products.
  3. OAF may require Proof of Artisanship at any time.
  4. Works may not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others.
  5. Artists must submit a complete application and maintain a current and complete profile.
  6. All exhibited work should be original and generally creative in nature.  We do not allow traditional craft items, such as marshmallow shooters, t-shirts and beer can garden ornaments.
  7. At OAF we seek balance among our offered product lines.  If we are currently overloaded in a specific product category, your acceptance may be delayed until we recruit some other artists to help keep us balanced.
  8. We expect products to be presented well. Always watch the background, lighting and general presentation when taking photos of your art.
  9. Platform engagement is crucial to our mutual success.  Exhibiting Artists should check in regularly, keep a current product catalog and engage with new features as they are released.

Questions about OAF Jury Standards may be directed to

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